Activities IBC '23

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Field Trips
Because this year will be beachcombing-intensive, we will only have one half-day and one full-day field travel trip in which everyone will participate. In fact, with the exception of the optional Whale & Wildlife Boat Excursion ($85 extra), all IBC ’23 participants will enjoy and participate in the same learning and beachcombing opportunities, including the same beaches, boat and ferry trips, and island and town excursions. These will be identified the day you arrive when you receive your registration package and personalized schedule. Boat, ferry, parking, museum and aquarium fees are included in the registration fee.

Transportation to local and regional activities is car-pooled. This year, people who have cars and are willing to transport an additional 3-4 people will receive an expense stipend to off-set gas and some rental costs.

Tutorials (TBA) will be held on opening night to orient you to the region.  Dr. Beachcomb will also give an evening workshop on beachcombing and beach treasure ID tips, techniques, and locales, with input from others.


Lunch time!
Antique round bottom bottle found & filmed by M. McCarthy
Swap table frenzy
Matt Abbott - 2019, 2023 ~ Bay of Fundy: How it works, why it's important, and what marine treasures it has to offer. 
Matt is the Fundy Bay Keeper and Marine Conservation Director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Part investigator, scientist, lawyer, advocate and educator, Matt’s top priority as Fundy Bay keeper is to make sure environmental laws are enforced.  YouTube Interview

Chief Hugh Akagi and Scoodic Band of the Passamaquoddy Nation - 2019, 2023  Retracing our Heritage
There are approximately 350 Passamaquoddy Native Americans living on both sides of the New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, USA border. The Scoodic Band of the Passamaquoddy Nation, headed by Chief Akagi, is in the St. Andrews region. Current tribal efforts involve researching the history and restoring and rebuilding their Native American heritage and culture. Chief Akagi and other tribal members will join us the week of IBC ’23 and share these efforts with participants along with ID information on tribal artifacts beachcombers may come across while exploring area shorelines. 

R. Barry Murray, 2023 St. Andrews History: 1750 to Present Day
Barry was born and raised in St. Andrews and is an avid beachcomber and local historian/storyteller. After receiving a Master’s in Education, he spent over 30 years working for the Canadian government. He has also lectured at several universities including Dalhousie University and the University of New Brunswick, and formerly served as Chairman of the Charlotte County Archives. Now retired, Barry enjoys sharing his knowledge of regional settlement history with others, particularly the period between 1750-1900, (which corresponds with many of the shoreline treasures found in the area)

Dr. Deacon Ritterbush, 2009, ‘10, ‘12, '15, '18, '23  ~  An Insider’s Tips, Techniques & Sourcing Productive Beachcomb Sites Across the Globe
Explorer, educator and author, Deacon has been at the forefront of the world of beachcombing for over two decades. Known as Dr. Beachcomb, she focuses on the scientific, historical, and healing aspects of beachcombing, and is also committed to encouraging earth-care and eco-stewardship through this hobby. Founder of the International Beachcombing Conference, which began in 2009, she is also the author of the award-winning book, Vol. 1: A Beachcomber’s Odyssey as well as upcoming Vol. 2 of the trilogy, Strands in the Sand.       YouTubeChannel

Genny Simard, 2023~ Favorite Beachcomb Finds of the Passamaquoddy Bay Region
A consummate beachcomber, Genny originally hails from Montreal, but has resided in New Brunswick since 1998. She has worked as a biologist at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium and as a tour guide on whale and marine watch tours. Currently, through her company, Turtle Shore Adventures, Genny offers tours focusing on Passamaquoddy Bay’s fascinating local wildlife as well as human interest stories.

Gary Young, 2023 ~ A Local Beachcomber’s Show-n-Tell
A lifelong beachcomber and native of Deer Island, New Brunswick, (Gary’s family have been Deer Islanders for so long he can’t recall how many generations back!) Gary has amassed an enviable collection of sea glass shard, antique bottle stoppers and bottles, and regional artifacts that are unsurpassed. IBC’23 participants will be able to see his collection firsthand and listen to his beachcomb stories.

Other Activities
Evening activities include beachcomb-related DVD’s, the swap table, silent auction, and casual ID sessions. We will have beach art supplies on hand to create a keepsake if so inclined but over the years we've learned that we keep you so busy during the day that, after dinner, most participants are too worn out for more than a chat before beddy-bye