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And join Dr. Beachcomb for another amazing beachcomb experience at the 10th annual International Beachcombing Conference in Canada’s remote Passamaquoddy Bay region.

IBC is a collegial, educationally focused boutique conference offering opportunities for both consummate and novice beachcombers to expand their knowledge of beach treasures, coastal and ocean conservation issues, and the region in which the conference takes place. This year, we will be exploring the regional shoreline and bay environments surrounding St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, an historic fishing village situated on Passamaquoddy Bay off the Bay of Fundy where the tides shift of 29 feet are some of the most extreme in the world.

Learning activities include field trips to different beaches, museums and aquariums; tutorials and tech/arts workshops led by anthropologists, marine scientists, historians, artists and experienced beachcombers; films; and smaller discussion groups. Participants will have ample opportunity to expand their beachcombing know-how as all activities are designed to provide a broader view of factors affecting where and how to beachcomb, why certain things appear on certain shorelines, and what tricks to employ to determine the age and/or origin of beach finds.

There will be beach treasure I.D sessions; ‘goody’ bags filled with an array of treasures from across the world; and a swap table teeming with donated sea glass, shells, pottery shards, buoys and much more, which are yours to comb through and pocket.

At IBC, along with expanding your knowledge base and building your beach treasure collection, you will also develop lifelong friendships with beachcombers from across the globe. Above all, you will have a BALL! IBC is like a summer camp for adults without the naps, curfews, lousy food and spiders!

So treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at IBC ’19! St. Andrew’s by-the- Sea is a portal to the gorgeous Passamaquoddy Bay region, home to seals, whales, wildlife, fishermen and former rum runners, uninhabited islands and isolated coastlines where the extreme low tides reveal a multitude of post-historic treasures on the silty, clay-like shores. For beachcombers and nature lovers alike, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

Affordable lodging is located both on-site (limited) and at nearby hotels. The Conference fee includes family-style meals and box lunches; tutorials, mini-tutorials and films; beachcombing expeditions; and unencumbered access to the beach treasure swap table. (Arts and Tech Workshops are extra).

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s go Beachcombing! Space is limited, so best to book early.

Deacon Ritterbush, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Beachcomb)
Founder and Coordinator 
International Beachcombing Conference (IBC)

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Fish nets and floats
photo by S. D. Ritterbush
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