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Frequently Asked Questions
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Option 1:  Participants can reside in Anderson House in a single or a shared double room.  See Venue/Lodging for further details.

Option 2: Come early/Stay Late: For an additional fee, participants can arrive a day early and/or stay at Anderson House a day later, with breakfast included. But you will be left on your own to explore those days (we can provide some suggestions) as staff will either be getting ready for the conference or recovering from it!

Option 3: Day Pass: There are hotels within a ten-mile radius if you prefer not to stay on-site. Breakfast is not included for off-site participants.

Anderson House kitchen offers hearty hot breakfasts each morning and delicious lunches and dinners. They can accommodate vegetarians and those with seafood allergies.  Eating meals on-site saves time so we can move on more efficiently to the day’s activities or collapse into bed after dinner. It also enables everyone greater opportunity to get to know each other. A hallmark of IBC conferences is the enduring friendships that are made. Participants come away with more than fun experiences and pocket treasures. Many also develop beach buddy friendships that span the globe.  

Getting there
By car:  
Regardless of where you are coming from, use your favorite navigation app, locate Anderson House on Upper Campus Road, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada.  

Driving from the U.S.A. (about 30 minutes from international border):
  • Cross U.S./Canada border into St. Stephen, New Brunswick and take Hwy 1 East to Hwy 127 South (Exit 39)
  • Follow Hwy 127 into the town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea.
  • Another option through Maine is to take ME-214 and then go by way of Charlotte, Maine through the heart of Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. This route brings you back onto US-1 barely a mile from the rotary and the new border crossing to Canada.

Driving from Saint John, New Brunswick (about 1.25 hours):
  • Take Hwy 1 West to Hwy 127 (Exit 25)
  • Take Hwy 127 South into the town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea

By Plane:
Airports include:
  • Saint John in New Brunswick (West Coasters, you may want to get a connecting flight via Quebec);  
  • Halifax in Nova Scotia
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Maine’s Bangor or Portland airports; or 
  • Boston’s Logan Airport.


Rental Cars
We suggest you rent a car or join others to share a rental car. Although staff will have a couple of cars on hand to transport people, we can’t guarantee room for everyone. Also, simply getting to and from St. Andrews to the Bangor, ME. or St. John, New Brunswick airports costs a pretty penny. So, once you’ve registered, we can put you in touch with others interested in car sharing.

For those who rent cars and are willing to transport 4 other attendees (total 5) on field trips, IBC will provide $150 vouchers to defray gas and rental expenses. BTW, Canadians drive on the same side of the road as the US.

Safety & Health
We are a Covid-safe conference and want everyone to stay healthy and feel comfortable during the 5-day event. Hence, we ask that you show proof of a covid booster administered within at least 4 months of May 15. And, depending on the covid situation around that time, we may insist on covid tests before arrival and mask wearing during indoor activities. We also suggest:

  • your tetanus shots are up to date.
  • your medical insurance is transferable in Canada
  • you remember your medications

Physical Capabilities
We can’t stress enough that this is a PHYSICALLY ACTIVE conference requiring dexterity, nimbleness, and fitness. If you have difficulty climbing stairs, getting in and out of boats easily, lack the ability to walk over cobbles, climb down embankments, or wander across miles of shoreline, this is not the conference for you. (If you would still like to attend but forgo the Field Trip portion, please email Deacon to discuss.)

What are you responsible for?
  • Lunch and Dinner on all-day Field trip
  • getting to and from conference site
  • beachcomb gear, medications, sunblock, reusable water bottle
  • any miscellaneous expenses that crop up

Gear and packing

What to bring (or buy there)
1. Passport
2. Wading boots
3. Socks, several pairs
4. Rain gear
5. Clothes that can be layered
6. Water bottle
7. Sun block
8. Walking stick (optional)
9. Mosquito repellent (just in case)

Travel light. Keep it simple. And because check-in luggage seems to be getting lost in transit with greater frequency and Anderson House has 2 floors of massive staircases (with no porter to lug your gear up and down them), consider bringing carry-on luggage only. Especially because this is a 'chill, nothing fancy,' relaxed get-together.

Fast drying clothes are ideal for this conference as are pants that zip off into shorts. The weather is variable this time of year, so pack a couple of pairs of socks, a rain jacket/windbreaker, a sweater, sun hat, boots, and comfortable walking shoes. 

To get an idea of IBC activities, dress codes, and weather conditions, scroll down on the left side bar to check out past IBC's 

​Any other concerns?

Email us:

Saint John
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