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TUTORS, 2018

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Authors of these books spoke at IBC  '17   - This year's authors TBA
Dr. Deacon Ritterbush The Definitive Seaglass Guide
Founder and coordinator of the International Beachcombing Conference, Deacon is at the forefront of educating people on the beachcomb experience, covering issues ranging from coastal conservation to beachcomb ethics to the science and history behind the treasures found on the shore. She has lectured throughout North America, been published in national magazines and newspapers, and authored the award-winning book, A Beachcomber’s Odyssey: Treasures from a Collected Past. A Pacific Island development strategist by training, Deacon holds a Ph.D in Political Science and a Masters in Pacific Island Studies. To learn more, visit  Dr. Beachcomb



Evan Breary ~  Regional Overview of the Crystal Coast
A favorite IBC Alum and a native of Beaufort, Evan is well-acquainted with the region's beaches and history. An avid beachcomber, he has wandered shorelines from North Carolina south to the Bahamas, where his family owns homes on Eleuthera. Although he loves collecting shells, he is particularly  adept at finding sea glass, old bottle and shipwreck artifacts. Evan has a BFA in Photography and Design and currently works in North Carolina's furniture design industry. 
Terri Kirby Hathaway ~ Beachcomb Biology
Have a marine science question? Just ask Terri, who always offers up fascinating talks for IBC’er’s. Currently the Marine Specialist for North Carolina’s Sea Grant Program, Terri is also the publisher of the marine education newsletter, Scotch Bonnet, and co-author of the book, North Carolina’s Amazing Coast. In 2017, Terri was honored by the National Marine Educator’s Association with a Lifetime Achievement Award. She has a BS degree in Marine Biology and an M.Ed. in Science Education.
David Moore  Blackbeard and his Flagship 
David is the Curator of Nautical Archaeology at the North Carolina Maritime Museum and directs the recording efforts on the excavation of Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. He has been involved in maritime history and shipwreck research for over 35 years, conducting field research on over 300 shipwrecks dating from the 16th to 19th centuries. He has appeared in the documentaries, Real Pirates of the Caribbean (History Channel), Secrets of the Dead: Blackbeard's Lost Ship (PBS), and Secrets: Blackbeard's Ship (Smithsonian Channel). David has an MA in Maritime History/ Nautical Archaeology.

Volcano lecture by Frank Trusdell , IBC '16
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Evan Breary   
Beachcomb Bahamas, Islands of Treasure. 
As Evan can tell you, these Caribbean Islands yield some of the world's most fascinating beach treasures, many spanning five centuries or more. Learn tips and techniques for finding old bottles, bottle seals, pottery, metal objects and of course, Grade A seaglass. 
Mini Tutorials
Mary McCarthy   
Mudlarking at Dead Horse Bay, NY
An experienced mud-mucker, and Chesapeake Bay beachcomber, Mary is the founder of  SeaCrate,  an ocean-themed monthly subscription box service.  She also serves on the Board of the North American Sea Glass Association.
Nicola McFarlane   
Beachcomb Treasures from the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland
A fervent beachcomber with an incredible collection of 19th c bottle stoppers, codd marbles & beach pottery, Edinburgh-born, Nicola is also a skilled driftwood artist who sells under the name, Beach Art. 
Ben Wunderly ~ Outer Banks Settlement/Geographical Patterns 
Ben is knowledgeable about the interconnectedness between humans and the coastal environment of eastern North Carolina. He has spent the last 20 years working at educational centers affiliated with North Carolina's Department of Natural and Cultural Resources including Hammocks Beach State Park, the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores and currently the Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. As the Associate Curator of Education there, Ben's latest work involves interpreting North Carolina’s maritime cultural history, from the early inhabitants to boat builders, fishermen, whalers and lifesavers.   He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1996 from the School of Natural Resources.