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Josie Iselin ~  Seaweeds at the Shore  
A photographer and author of eight books on forms in nature and, in particular, what we find at the beach, Josie’s mission is to produce enticing, original and well-designed books that combine art and science. Her books include Beach Stones, Seashells, and Beach: a Book of Treasure, and Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed.  Her newest project - The Curious World of Seaweed: Stories from the Pacific Coast - brings together the history of the science of seaweed with the burning biology of the tidal zone creating a visual and narrative extravaganza.


Volcano lecture by Frank Trusdell , IBC '16
Nicola McFarlane,   Beachcomb Treasures from the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland
A fervent beachcomber with an incredible collection of 19th c bottle stoppers, codd marbles & beach pottery, Edinburgh-born, Nicola is also a skilled driftwood artist who sells under the name, Beach Art. 
Mary T. McCarthy Beach Marbles  
An avid beachcomber and sea glass collector from Maryland’s eastern shore region, Mary is experienced in both beachcombing and mudlarking in the US. Her leading passion is beach marbles, of which she has devoted hours of research. She is the education chair of the North American Sea Glass Association and Executive Director of the nonprofit Sea Glass Center. Mary travels to sea glass festivals across the US educating audiences on sea glass sources, genres, and the difference between true and manufactured sea glass. 
Dr. Deacon Ritterbush ~ Tutorial on Beach Pottery Shards; Coastal Conservation: Problems, Prospects & Eco- Products   Founder and coordinator of the International Beachcombing Conference, Deacon is at the forefront of educating people on the beachcomb experience, covering issues ranging from coastal conservation to beachcomb ethics to the science and history behind the treasures found on the shore. She has lectured throughout North America, been published in national magazines and newspapers, and authored the award-winning book, A Beachcomber’s Odyssey: Treasures from a Collected Past. A Pacific Island development strategist by training, Deacon holds a Ph.D in Political Science and a Masters in Pacific Island Studies. To learn more, visit  Dr. Beachcomb
Chief Hugh Akagi and Scoodic Band of the Passamaquoddy Nation  - Retracing our Heritage
Situated on both sides of the New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, USA border, there are approximately 350 Passamaquoddy Native Americans currently living in Canada. The Scoodic Band of the Passamaquoddy Nation is located near St. Andrews, N.B. where current tribal efforts focus on researching the history, and restoring and rebuilding their Native American heritage and culture.
Chief Akagi and other tribal members will share these efforts with participants at IBC ’19 along with information on ancient tribal artifacts that beachcombers may come across while exploring area shorelines.  Read more  and  more.
Genny Simard ~ Beachcomb Finds of the Pasmoquoddy Bay Region
A consummate beachcomber, Genny originally hails from Montreal, but has resided in New Brunswick since 1998. She has worked as a biologist at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium and as a tour guide on whale and marine watch tours. Currently, through her company, Turtle Shore Adventures, Genny offers tours focusing on Passamaquoddy Bay’s fascinating local wildlife as well as human interest stories. 
Ron Rees - The Settlement History of the Pasmaquoddy Bay Region  Ron is a former professor of historical geography at the University of Saskatchewan who has written sixteen books, including New Brunswick: An Illustrated History and New Brunswick’s Early Roads: The Routes that Shaped the Province.   A native of Wales, Ron has resided in St. Andrews for over 25 years and has become one of the towns resident historians.  

Gail Benjamin - Coastal Conservation: Problems, Prospects & Eco- Products   The owner of Left Coast Sea Glass out of Pacific, CA., Gail is a sea glass jeweler, a coastal conservation advocate and a life-long Beachcomber. An environmental activist and self-styled ‘Eco-Nazi,’ Gail is an active member of the Pacific Beach Coalition, assisting in monitoring and cleaning 7 miles of shoreline. She also works to influence Pacifica City Council to ban single-use plastics and local restaurants to adopt eco-friendly ‘to go’ containers. 

Matt Abbott - Bay of Fundy: How it works, why it's important, and what marine treasures it has to offer
Matt, who is the Funday Baykeeper and Marine Conservation Director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, is based in CCNB’s marine conservation office in St. Andrews and also aboard their patrol vessel, the Fundy Baykeeper. His mandate is to defend the public’s right to a healthy Bay of Fundy, a right inherent in laws written to protect both the marine environment and the species inhabiting it. Part investigator, scientist, lawyer, advocate and educator, Matt’s top priority as Fundy Baykeeper is to make sure environmental laws are enforced.