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Gene Woodwick
A consummate beachcomber in every sense of the word – experience, attitude, and generosity of knowledge (and beach treasures) – we are honored to have coastal historian, Gene, share her extensive knowledge and fascinating beachcomb stories of Pacific northwest shorelines, especially those located in Washington State. Gene is the author of Ocean Shores, and the co-founder of the Coastal Interpretive Center.

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IBC 16 Tutors and Field Trips Leaders:  Rick Rogers, Deacon Ritterbuxh, Frank Trusdell, Noni Sanford, Kilino Patolo, Lihn-da Keller, Gary Greenburg, Danny Akaka
IBC '16 Tutors and Field Trips Leaders:
Rick Rogers, Deacon Ritterbush, Frank Trusdell, Noni Sandford, Kilino Patolo, Lihn-da Keller , Gary Greenburg, Danny Akaka

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Authors of these books will be speaking at IBC - 17
Danny Akaka
Kumu (teacher) and Hawaiian cultural practitioner, Danny Akaka, is the cultural advisor and historian at the Big Island’s Mauna Lani Bay Resort Hotel. As such, he serves as caretaker of the historic Kalahuipua'a Fishponds, considered the piko (navel) of the Big island’s five volcanoes. He has guided over 20,000 people on tours, educating them on the importance of the area and the Hawaiian culture. Committed to perpetuating the traditional folk art of storytelling, Danny hosts the monthly Twilight at Kalahuipua‘a.  KeOla Article
Dr. Gary Greenberg 
Ted Talk speaker and author of the amazing book, A Grain of Sand – Nature’s Secret Wonder, a collection of microscopic photographs of sand grains from around the world, Gary has devoted his life to revealing the secret beauty of nature. Beginning his career as photographer and filmmaker, he worked on the first Superman film. After earning a Ph.D. in biomedical research, he went on to invent high-definition, three-dimensional light microscopes, for which he was issued eighteen US patents. His latest book is the newly released The Secrets of Sand. To learn more, visit:  Sandgrains
Krista Hammond
is an avid kiteboarder, surfer, silversmith and beachcomber. She is also a recognized expert on the exotic, coveted art sea glass from the shorelines of Davenport near Santa Cruz, CA. Author of Santa Cruz Sea Glass, Krista founded the Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival, now in its 8th year. A former member of the NOAA Sanctuary Advisory Council and the only sea glass artist endorsed by Monterey Bay Aquarium, Krista is the owner of one of the most important collections of Davenport sea glass around, some of which will be accompanying her for show and sale to IBC '17. 
Santa Cruz Sea Glass
Linda Paik Morriarity
Born and raised on the island of Kauai, Linda is one of the leading experts on the history, shell seeking, styles and construction of beautiful Ni’ihau shell lei, a shell arts tradition originating on Hawaii’s isolated Ni’ihau Island. Often regarded as the “pearls” or “diamonds” of the Hawaiian islands, such lei can take months to construct and command price tags up to $30,000. Author of the definitive book, Ni’ihau Shell Lei, Linda has been a Guest Curator of “Pupu Ni’ihau” at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. She remains active in Hawaiian cultural activities on Kauai.  Article on Ni'ihau Shell Lei

Tomasi "Kilino" Patolo
Hailing from a volcanic island in the remote northern Niua group in the Kingdom of Tonga, Tomasi Patolo is an archaeologist specializing in pre-contact Polynesian societies. Formerly with the Bishop Museum and now with Scientific Consultant Services, Tomasi has conducted archaeology digs throughout the Hawaiian chain, in Guam, Saipan and Palmyra as well as (post-contact archaeology) in Maryland. He is credited with the discovery of the North Halawa Bowl, a rare Hawaiian carved stone bowl with only nine in existence and of which – this one – was the only one discovered on an archaeology dig.     Archeology video
Dr. Deacon Ritterbush
Founder and coordinator of the International Beachcombing Conference, Deacon is at the forefront of educating people on the beachcomb experience, covering issues ranging from coastal conservation to beachcomb ethics to the science and history behind the treasures found on the shore. She has lectured throughout North America, been published in national magazines and newspapers, and authored the award-winning book, A Beachcomber’s Odyssey: Treasures from a Collected Past. A Pacific Island development strategist by training, Deacon holds a Ph.D in Political Science and a Masters in Pacific Island Studies. To learn more, visit  Dr. Beachcomb
Frank Trusdell 
Volcanologist Frank Trusdell, of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, is responsible for the mapping and monitoring of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, and advises local residents on the hazards associated with the volcano. In addition, Frank is part of a USGS rapid response team that sends volcanologists to assist other locales when volcanic crises occur. He has advised officials in Alaska, the Philippines, the Mariana Islands and Cape Verde. Frank has a MS. in Volcanology with a specialty in Igneous Petrology.  

Maile Melrose 
grew up in Kona and has been delving into Hawaiian history for over 40 years. She wrote Kona Historical Society’s A Guide to Old Kona and is currently working on a book about her great grandfather, Henry Nicholas Greenwell, who arrived in the islands in 1850. She enjoys doing living history presentations, cemetery tours and getting off the beaten track to investigate 19th century ranching life on the island of Hawaii. She is new to beachcombing, but enjoys the thrill of discovery within archives and old books, linking people to places and attempting to bring those moments back to life.
Nicola McFarlane Young
is a driftwood artist and avid, long-time beachcomber who currently splits her time with husband and children between beach homes in Edinburgh and Fife, Scotland. Nicola started working full time as a driftwood artist in 2011 and sells her work in galleries & gift shops. A keen environmentalist with a botany background, she is happy to share her expertise and learn more from others during IBC '17.