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Tutorials, Field Trips & Workshops 
IBC offers you a multitude of opportunities to learn more about the beachcomb experience including beachcombing tips and techniques, origins of treasures, and the critical importance of context. Tutors and field trip leaders are recognized specialists in their fields, award-winning coastal authors, and/or long-time beachcombers. As invaluable resource people, they happily share their knowledge and expertise with all IBC'ers (and have fun, too!).
HALF-DAY TRIPS  (Pick 4 in order of preference) 
These field trips may yield the following: driftwood and sand dollars, along with an assortment of artifacts ranging from the 19th and 20th centuries,  including clay pipe stems, sea glass, intact bottles, pottery shards, and fishing buoys.  All field trips have a minimum of at least 5 people, except seal watch.

  • FISHY-FISHY:   Aquarium, Marine Science & Beachcombing (beach pottery) (max 20)

  • LOW TIDE CROSSING:   Historic Buildings, Island Exploration & Beachcombing (sea glass & driftwood)  (max 20)

  • AHOY MATEY!   Boating over & exploring an isolated island’s shoreline  (sea glass, pottery, clay pipe stems) (max 15)

  • TOWNIE TOUR:   Museums, Peninsula Park,  Beachcomb (sea glass, pottery, clay pipe stems) (max 25)

  • SEAL WATCH: Boat Tour of Passamaquoddy Bay,  marine life & jetty beachcomb.  (Seals, dolphins,  minke whale) (Beachcomb driftwood, sea glass, pottery)     (min. 30 – max 40)

  • A FUNDY ISLAND,  Bay of Fundy (ferry) – Explore island/villages; beachcomb (max. 15)

  • A WEST PARISH ISLAND, Passamaquoddy Bay (ferry) – Tour a local beachcomber's collection; explore island; beachcomb (max. 20)

  • BIG CITY SLICKERS:  Explore New Brunswick’s largest city with museum tour and nature park hike/beachcomb (max. 20)

  • WILLY WONKA GOES COMBING:  Chocolate Museum, nature park, beachcomb (max 25)

Field Trips are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Some activities are limited to a specific number of participants; so to avoid disappointment, register early. If an activity does not receive its minimum numbers, it might be cancelled.  

Full-day field trips are longer because they will be the main activity that day with dinner on the town. All museum and ferry fees are pre-paid by IBC. Transportation to field trips is usually car-pooled, with riders chipping in for gas. However, if numbers are high, and we need to hire a bus to transport everyone, there will be a $20 transport fee tacked on at the time of registration. 

All field trips this year are relatively easy, though some shorelines may be rocky with cobbles.  (Consider bringing a walking stick.)

We purposely disguise the fieldtrip sites on the conference website. If you want more information on each of them before making a decision, we will send you that info after your registration forms and payment are received. You can determine or make changes to your choices then. 

1. Heads up: Because the conference is a day longer this year, we may opt for two half-day and two full day field trips.

2. There is no guarantee you will find treasures during your IBC beach forays, which is why we provide participants with Goody Bags and have the Beach Treasure Swap Table. These insure that no one goes home empty-handed.

Bay of Fundy: How it works, Why it's important, and What Marine Treasures it has to Offer

History and Culture of the Passamoquoddy Indians

St. Andrews By-the-Sea  Settlement Patterns

Overview of Beach Treasures of Passamaquoddy Bay

Beach Pottery:  Porcelains, Stoneware and Earthenware



A Seaweed Expose'

Beach Marbles

Coastal Eco-issues, Measures & Products


Bead and Beach Glass Bracelet

All the fixings you need to make yourself or someone you love a gift of a beautiful beach treasure bracelet. (max 8)

Sea Glass & Brass Bead Necklace
String a gorgeous sea glass & brass bead necklace that can be worn casually or for dress. Sea glass & beads provided with option to include a pendant that you bring. (max 12)

Sailboat Wall Plaque
Make one or two beachy sailboat wall plaques out of driftwood, Scottish beach pottery and UK sea glass. Feel free to bring your own beach treasures to use, too. (max 12).​
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Drilling Sea Glass
Basic tips and hands-on experience learning how to successfully drill holes in vessel sea glass.  (max 8)

Geo-Beach Tracking
Tech User Level: Intermediate
IPad, Computer or Smart Phone required.
Learn how to navigate the world’s shorelines via Google Earth in order to identify possible productive beaches to explore.   (max 10)

Workshops offer participants a fun way to learn skills that can enhance their beachcomb experience. Workshops are $75 each. You can select up to 2 workshops. (Each workshop has a minimum number of 4 participants.